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At this time, the foundation has approximately $20,000 in assets. The Board of Directors plans to launch an initial fundraising campaign later this year when specific projects are identified. It is anticipated that the foundation will continue to aggressively expand its assets for distribution.

Foundation Goals:

  • Develop Advocacy programs for Hispanic and underserved women as single mothers and mentors

  • Develop Advocacy programs for Hispanic pre-schools

  • Develop Advocacy programs for women to participate in clinical wellness and early disease protection

Kate MacIntyre Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

If you would like to make a donation, please mail your check to:
Kate MacIntrye Foundation
130 South Village Lane
Suite A
Davidson, NC 28036

Meeting Kate…..

When I first met Kate, I saw the sparkle in her eye of determination that she was a fighter. She had a soft heart, kindness, but a tough fighter that would never give up. She was not going to take this fight at face value. That was something that she was just given and would have to sit there and face it. She was going to fight it and pave the way for others.

The elegance and professionalism was always there when you met her. However, she was still able to show that she controlled the fight. She continued to exercise, travel and work. She continued to live her life to the best she could through everything she had to face. Cancer was just another obstacle in her life and she would deal with it as it came… and Kate fought it. She wanted to make the way better for others. She always looked around at others and felt blessed by what she had.  Kate wanted to make an impression on the world and a stand in her life… and that she did.

Every time she came in, she always had a smile. She always would say she was doing okay…. Never complained. That was Kate. She had to have her buffer to tell the truth for her and that was Peter. She had her down days, but she played them off as minor and would face anything. She had the true fighter spirit and you could see it in her eyes every time you saw her.

With Peter’s love and support, she was able to continue to live her life to the fullest and do the thing’s “Kate’s way”. It was always a special way because it was fulfilled and done with the zest of life – that was “Kate’s way”.

She has a legacy; she always wanted to go on for others to have education and empowerment with knowledge and support when dealing with cancer. She wanted others to know that they have options, support, and avenues that they otherwise wouldn’t have. She had a zest for life and a spark to help others and make others aware. That special way was Kate’s way. ---Tammy Allred, RN, OCN

Kate MacIntyre Foundation
19107 Southport Drive, Cornelius, NC  29031

502 314 9208

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